Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long night.....

Ever had one of those nights that seem to go on forever?  They never seem to appear when I am sleeping really good.  Apparently those nights only appear when I am disturbed or troubled by fears and worry.  Last night was one of those nights.  It started off nice enough but somewhere between  the before sleep chatting about the day with my dear husband and actually falling asleep, the night took a turn down that long windy road of insomnia...I think I worried about EVERY possible thing that could happen to my kids.  I even had myself worked up over what kind of trouble they may find themselves in COLLEGE and both are at least 8 - 9 years away from graduating high school.  (I had recently watched a news interview of a parent whose kid had committed suicide over the pressures and bullying in college.  The parents had no idea their child was having any problems whatsoever.) .  I try not to be a big worrier, I know God has a plan and I need to rely on Him.   Last night though, I could not seem to put that faith in action.  To make matters worse, at around 2:00 a.m., the television in our room popped on with a lot of loud static and then went blank (it does not actually work unless the cable box is on and it was not).  I think my husband thought I had imagined it but when I got up to check it, the television was actually on.  Anyway, that spurred more anxiety and woke up my overactive mind even more.  So, suffice it to say, I am dragging this morning.
Coffee, here I come!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Whirlwind week behind me....

I know you thought that I was going back on my promise to post regularly right?  Well I wasn't.  I just did not spend enough time inside my home last week to actually compose a post.  Last week was one of those weeks that I do not schedule on purpose because I KNOW my limitations.  On Monday, the kids had dentist appointments, I had a meeting with a friend, I had a doctor appointment and I was hosting a Mom's night out for our home school group.  We left home at 10 am and I did not return until after midnight.  Now the Mom's night out was not that long but I did spend 3 hours sitting in the restaurant parking lot talking to my friend and sister (in-law) about everything under the sun.  It was a long day!
The next day was slightly better, we just had one event that day, it was Awanas so we got school in and then studied the kids memory verses and went to Awanas that evening.  Wednesday was similar, we got school in but had to go to church for a special event that evening.  Thursday and Friday were equally packed and then we went into the weekend.  The weekend was non-stop running from morning to night.
Like I said, I do not schedule weeks like this often because they just wear me out AND we don't get much school done but today starts another such week.  Today is our only free day.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a CT scan (on my sinuses) and I will be volunteering at church every afternoon this week from 2-5 plus the kiddos have eye doctor appointment on Thursday.  School is taking a beating this week.  So, this may be my only post this week but please know that I am WISHING I were here, in my comfy recliner, composing a blog post....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love this!

Was it a mistake?

I shared recently that my beautiful daughter finally learned to ride her bike without training wheels on Sunday.  She is thrilled.  We went out last night after school and purchased her a bigger bike.  She has outgrown the 18 inch bike that she had, but could not go larger because you can not put training wheels on the larger bikes.   She went up to a 20 inch bike and we headed over to my SIL's house to let her and the fabulous 3 (my niece and nephews) ride together.  Even my son, who is NOT a fan of the bike, was excited because he got a practically new, hand-me-down bigger bike (with reinstalled training wheels).  They had a blast riding around a walking/riding path at the condos.  My brother in law and husband went with them.

Well, now we are on day 3 of bike-a-palooza with my girl and the stinkin' rain had to go and clear up (DANG!).  Guess who noticed that little fact?  That's right, BikeGirl!  So she's hitting up daddy to take her out again and he's having nothing to do with it.  Next she flashes those sad little brown eyes to Suckermom (I need a t-shirt with a big S on it).  I go out and dig out my old bike that hasn't seen the light of day in 9 years,  get the tires pumped up and place my expanded backside on that tiny little seat.   Sounds like fun right?  Well, I could handle the bike seat without too much problem, but the first time I start to ride, I realize that my knee surgery 5 years ago has rendered my left knee with the inability to get the range of motion needed to repetitively pedal without extreme pain.  So, not wanting to disappoint my sweet little BikeGirl, I persevere and we go for a ride.  The entire trip, I am wondering, what happens when we stop and I try to get off this thing and walk again?     We go around the block and over into another neighborhood and around that block.  About a mile from home, I finally have to call UNCLE and tell my girl that we have to head back. My knee feels like it is swelling up like a balloon.  The pain wasn't coming from the actual exertion, it was coming from the fact that I can not longer bend it past a certain point (haven't been able to since the surgery) and the pedaling motion constantly forced it to bend further than it can.  We make it home and I get off the bike expecting pain but find that it really doesn't hurt anymore than normal, THANK THE LORD!

So this leads me to ask,  "Was it a mistake?"   Will the newness wear off soon?  Will riding get easier for me if I keep trying to bend this knee?  It STINKS getting old!  Just sayin'.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Typical spring day ....

Today is a typical spring day in my household.  Husband and brother off to work by 7:30 and the kids and I fighting over the best time to start school for the day.  I say 8 or 8:30 and they are thinking more like oh........3 or 4 ISH........Normally we compromise to 9 am.   Today has been such a day.  It is gorgeous outside though and my daughter has spring fever. She just learned to ride her bike without training wheels and is excited to try her out her new skills.  Now, normally I would give in and we would have some outside time or go on a good field trip, but not today.  We NEED to get school done.  She needs to be ready for end of the year testing in a few weeks and we are not there yet.  

The other typical thing about spring for me is waking up with a hoarse, sore throat and runny nose.  Apparently the three different allergy medications I take on a daily basis along with one natural remedy, local pure honey, is just not enough.   How is this possible?! 

Apparently the other home schoolers in my family are feeling the same urge to achieve oneness with nature so we have made late day plans IF and ONLY IF the students accomplish some goals for the day. This is a great incentive for 5 kids to do what needs to be done.  I am having fewer complaints that normal about the length and difficulty of school today!  So, for those of you traditional school moms out there who are doing fun spring break activities with your kids, know that at least 2 moms are busy doing business as usual......

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I know what you did last night.....

Yesterday was a fun filled day for the kiddos.   My girl did so well on her upper GI test on Wednesday, that I promised her a reward.  We went to see "HOP" please, if you thought it looked like a good movie from the previews, then by all means go and spend your $5-$15 per person ticket price and see it. I, by the way, NOT being made of money, spent $5.00 each for the three of us to see it.  In my opinion, HOP was a FLOP.......Even my 5 year old said about halfway through it, "Momma, aren't we going to the museum after this, can't we go now?" Did I forget to mention that one of the main thrills of this being a day of fun for my kids was the fact that their cousins we coming too?  I think my kids could have fun getting root canals IF their cousins are going to be there.  So there were seven of us at the movie (the men were busy at work and .....shaking things up at home).   So out of the seven, the only one that I know of that actually liked the movie was my girl, so I am glad she got to see it on the big screen since the day was a reward for her anyway.

Next it was off to lunch at that most wonderful of kid's joints....Icky D's.  JOY!  In my book, McDonalds is right down there at the bottom of the food chain (ha, ha, get it, food chain......anyway...)
right ABOVE Moe's Southwest Grill.   I think I threw up in my mouth just thinking about that place!
After lunch, we rounded off the afternoon at the Living Museum.  A fave for the kids and moms alike.  We enjoyed exploring nature and going will have to refer to facebook to see the pic....

Now anyone who knows my kids and their cousins, knows that separation is a difficult thing.....I think surgeons that separate conjoined twins have better success rates that we do.  We leave the museum with plans to get the dads and uncle and come back together again to do dinner at our house.  I have decided to make lasagna for the first time in years (my husband and kids will not eat it so my brother and I just have to do without the gooey cheesy goodness).  I also, being short order cook along with my other duties as wife and mother, fix my family something that they will eat.

After dinner, the lasagna and salad (that my sis in law made for me) was yummy by the way, the kids are playing like they must jam EVERY moment of fun they can into one day.  The adults, minus the uncle who prefers the company of his television sports channels to that of his family, decide to play spades.  This is our game of choice.  We have played this game quite often over the last two years since the baby of each family has gotten old enough to not need constant supervision.   Even though I love the baby years, there is something to be said for not having to carry the entire house in a diaper bag, haul strollers everywhere you go and change diapers.  At almost 6, both boys are now pretty self-sufficient.  Anyway, I got sidetracked again, sorry....we paired off to play Spades.  We use to always play guys versus girls in the past but one of the guys thought he would do better with his "Boo" so he suggested the switch off, but last night we got to play the old way....what a special treat to have my  bestest spades partner back!  We kicked some major butt!  It was sad really, sad, sad, sad.....My partner had one awesome hand where I went nil (I had nothing!) and one of the guys went nil too.  Not only did we both get our bid, but we set BOTH of them.  We went ahead 190 points and they went back 140 points......oh, it was so SWEET!  My husband was trying so hard to mess me up that he messed up his own partner....SWEET!

Anyway, that was our day of fun.....Can you tell that I have almost as much fun with our family as my kids do?  We laugh so hard sometimes that its like getting an ab workout.  I am THANKFUL for my family.   We will see them again today.  Today we are putting our faith in action, walking the walk not just talking the talk.  Today we are joining  some of our church family at a "Block Party" in one of our local communities and passing out food, towels and socks....I don't know why our church chose to pass out bath towels and socks, it seems like a strange combination to me, but I am sure there was much thought and research put into this decision and these are items that are needed.   All five kids are looking forward to helping.  THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT!  They are excited to help someone else for a change!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something to think about....

I just read this as a status update on my friend Juliet's facebook page.  I'm not sure if this is something she read or if this is a realization that God gave her but it is so real, so profound, I just had to share it.  Thank you Juliet for a true "Reality Check".....

"What would you think if you woke up this morning and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday?"
This makes me think, would I have a roof over my head, would my husband and children still be here,  would I live in a country where I am free?   Would my husband and children be here?!!!! Oh my, they would not.  I was so caught up in the junk that tears us away that I don't even remember giving thanks to the God that gave it all.   Thank you God for my family, for my life, for a warm home and food to feed the family I love so much.  Thank you God for friends who love you enough to post this as their facebook status so that I could have the eye-opening experience that this gave.  Thank you for stepping all over my toes this week showing me all the blessings I have.  Thank you God.

Oh, where is my HAIRBRUSH?.......

Have you heard that song? Its a classic. Circa 1997, VeggieTales, silly song classic.....Anyone?
Well, it was the first full sentence my little girl ever said all those years ago when she was just a little over a year old. We were walking through Wal-mart and she yells at the top of her lungs, "Oh where, oh where, oh wherrrrrrre, is my HAIRBRUSH!?

Anyway, I digress, this story is not about my daughter's first words but more about my hair. Has anyone out there noticed that as we get older, our hair is just not as....manageable as it was in our 20's or 30's? Well, I have definitely noticed in the last 8 months. You see, eight months ago a wonderful surgical oncologist asked a nurse or a surgical intern without a beauty school diploma to shave the right side of my head for surgery and he or she decided to not only shave the right side of my head, but to also chop a little hair outside of the surgical site. I am assuming it must have fell in the way of the clippers. I came through the surgery very well but I was JACKED up in the hair department.

Back in late December, about 3 months after my surgery, I went to the hair stylist and she tried to fix it a little. I went back last month for a trim and its getting better but there is still a three inch patch of hair that is slowly growing back and it is just as crazy as it can be. It is curly AND straight and it sticks every which way. It is a mess, but I think the Lord that it is still there and I am still here to complain. I am NOT like Larry the cucumber, I DO need a hairbrush......

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality check...

This past Sunday morning on the way to church, my kids were in the back of the van and my son says "Momma, can we go to Disney now?" and I explain that it is an expensive trip and we may try to do it this fall if we aren't in the middle of building a house. My daughter then chimes in to say, "Well Mom, you know we have to go on vacation EVERY year, so what's the big deal?"

WOW! What are we doing? You know, they are right, we normally do go somewhere each year either on a real vacation or a business trip with my husband. This is a vacation for the kids and I since we take in the sights of whatever big city it may be.

When I grew up, we were very poor and I was raised by my Grandmother, I had never left the state of Virginia my entire life except for a weekend trip to Nags Head with her cousin and his wife. I never went on any vacation as a grown single woman unless it was weekend trip with some friends. My daughter had been to Disney 5 times before the age of 6 and had been to at least 1/2 the states on the east coast AND had been on a cruise to the Bahamas. My son has traveled only slightly less than that since she has a 3 year head start on him.....That is their reality of the world.....

We have been told time and time again on the news and by different missionary Evangelists that come to our church, that even the poorest person in the US is considered wealthier than over 90% of people of the planet. I was not in the church service this past Sunday due to working in the children's dept, but my sister-in-law relayed part of Pastor Grant Ethridge's sermon as we chatted after church.

Our church is really focusing this year (every year really, but even more so this year) on reaching out to the lower income communities in our area. We are having Block Parties each weekend in different neighborhoods. They had one this past Saturday (while we were at another church event for the kids). The pastor told about this young boy that he and his wife noticed at the first Block Party. The pastor told his first name and I do not for the life of me remember it but apparently he was a young boy. Our Pastor and his wife have the sweetest, loving spirits and always reach out to people. They talked to this young boy when they noticed that he was looking at these packs of socks that our church was giving away. Pastor Grant asked if he would like a pack of socks and the boy asked if they were free. Pastor said of course, go ahead and get a pack. The young boy sat down that very moment and put on a pair of the socks and was so thrilled to have them. They later noticed the same young boy when they were passing out hotdogs and other food items. He got his hotdog and was eating it like he was starved. Not only did he eat his, but he was going around to see if anyone did not finish theirs and was finishing up whatever he found. Now if this is not enough to tug at your heart about the life that some young children in our very own country are living...The pastor and his wife left that block party and drove 7 mins. to another neighborhood for the second Block Party our church was having that day. It took them 7 mins. to drive to the next neighborhood, so I have to assume that it was at least 2-3 miles away. They said that they had been there a while and when it was time to pass out the food, they saw the same young boy walking up to the party. They went to speak to him, and asked how he got there. The young boy said that he had walked there because he was still hungry and wanted to get another hotdog....This is his reality......

My kids are not allowed to walk out of the yard without us. This child attended a Block Party alone just to get the free food, just to have a chance to have a full belly. This child acted like it was Christmas morning when he got a pack of socks. This child walked 2-3 miles alone across a part of town that my kids have never set foot in, just in the attempt to get a HOTDOG. Neither of my kids will touch a hotdog, because both say that they are NASTY. My kids throw away happy meals that are barely touched because they just asked for them to get the toy. My kids are complaining because they haven't been to Disney in two years...REALITY CHECK......

This coming weekend, our church is having another Block Party in another low income neighborhood, my family will be attending because we need it even more than the people we are trying to help. We need to see all that we have to be thankful for. We need a reality check.....

In a couple of weeks our church, on the Saturday before Easter, will be passing out boxes of food that our middle and high schoolers have packed. These boxes of food will feed a family of four for a week. If you think about it, if we ,who have plenty of food, consider this enough food for a week, those who don't, may consider this enough for for several weeks....I am determined that me and my family will be there to help pass out this food......We need a reality check.....

Do you and your family need a reality check?

Monday, March 28, 2011

The games we play.....

Okay, so like I said at 2:00 am this morning when I blogged for the first time in over a year, I am going to do better...well, this is me doing better...

I have a funny story to tell today that just will not possibly fit on a FB status screen, so read on, dear friends.....

OK, picture 5 year old son (J) and 5 year old nephew (C) are sitting quietly on the floor playing a game. Just the two of them and this a unusual event for these two. The game is Headbands. It is a child's game (there is actually an adult edition) where you put this headband, hence the name, on your head and you draw a card from a pile without looking at it and put it on the headband so that your opponents can see it. The opponents start a timer and you have to ask as many questions to help you guess the item that is on the picture on your headband.
The boys have only ever played it before with the older siblings/cousins, an 11 year old and two 8 year olds, but this time the other three were busy doing something else. My sister in law and I are sitting on the couch talking and we start noticing the boys....J pulls out a car and says "OK, let me get this on here", while he not so subtly flips the card, looks it over, not once, but twice and C never says a word. Then C starts the timer, J says "Am I a ladder?" which of course he is....I am getting ready to bust J for cheating on his cousin and then I see C getting his card to go in his headband...C grabs his card and says "OK, let me put this hold...hold on a sec...". He, not so secretly, turns his back and studies the card, puts it in his headband and turns back for J to start timer. C immediately says "Am I a glass of milk?" (now I am going to admit to making up the actual card items because I just don't remember them all, but to give you the idea)...I nudge my sister in law and see that she has already noticed the interaction between the five year olds.
They are both obviously, blatantly cheating on each other and neither has caught on to that fact.

My sister in law and I watch this for a couple of minutes and I, being the trouble maker that I am, decided to mix it up a little. I say "J, are you cheating on C? C, J is cheating on you!"
C. gets kind of indignant, takes the card off of J's headband and says that he has to get a new card and proceeds to continue the game as usual. My sister in law and I are rolling in laughter and have included the husbands at this point and then I say "C, that was wrong of J, you wouldn't cheat on him like that would you?" and he says "No", and we all laugh harder, neither of the boys understand why all the adults are now laughing. I say again "C, you aren't cheating are you?" and he again says no. Then I say "C, what's on your headband?", he immediately answers "Am I a igloo?" which was of course, EXACTLY what was on his head.....

I just wish, I had listened to my sister in law and waited to get the video camera to see if we could have captured the moment forever on film but neither of us had one handy and it was just too much fun watching their reaction. The funny thing is, they still did not get it or completely understand what we were laughing about.

Blog, what's a blog, is that something like Facebook....

Wow, has it really been over a year since I have typed a word on this blog? I am surprised Blog spot hasn't just shut me down...Well, maybe if I bookmark this page on my new laptop, I might find my way back to it once in a while, that's a thought...I'll give this some consideration.

I happened to be reading a new blog that my wonderful brother-in-law started chronicling his journey through physical adversity and God's plan for his family and thought, HEY, I have a blog and I haven't posted in a while. Little did I know, its been over a year. So, KM, you have inspired me to type, besides I may need the forum for dueling blog posts in the near future if you live up to your threats.....just saying....

Any what has been going on with good old "Gottablogmom" you might be saying, if there were really any of you out there that ever read my blog to begin with.... Well, let me think....I now have a 3rd grader and a kindergartner who will soon become 4th grader and 1st grader....WOW, time flies. Within the last year I have been diagnosed and successfully treated for melanoma cancer and had my gallbladder removed, just for kicks and giggles. Both times coming through surgery with no ill effects, THANK YOU LORD! Its been an eventful 8 months in our household. My beloved baby girl (who is no longer a baby but still my baby girl) had a terrible mono-like virus that lasted over 8 weeks and that has taken up most of 2011 for us so far but again, THANK YOU LORD, she seems to be recovering. This week she is having a Upper GI with a barium swallow. I am sure...beyond sure actually...I am without a doubt CERTAIN that this will be quite the experience for us both. With her particular skill in extreme over-the-top drama and her decided distaste for being forced to consume anything against her will....we let's just say that I am not quite sure who is dreading it more, her or me.

Well, well, well....I have blogged an bit tonight....I better not overdo it or I might send my typing fingers into shock. They have been use to just typing short little status updates for the last 2 years now and a full blog post is a bit strenuous. I can only say that from here on, I will make a concerted effort to be more dedicated to by blog fan base and make at least one or two posts a week. I apologize for my social media infidelity and completely blame it Facebook for luring me away with it's instant gratification for interaction with those who bothered to read or comment on my shameless attempts at humor. If only blog readers were more vocal with their comments, maybe I would not have strayed.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been a while....

Wow, it has really been a while since I have made a post on this blog. Did I get rid of the kids and therefore stop having misadventures? No....... Did motherhood get super easy and leave me with no pitfalls to suffer through? No...... Are my kids antics no longer funny or just plain embarrassing? No..... Did I just get lazy and quit taking the time to put my thoughts and ramblings to words......Well.....yeah I think that is it. I discovered facebook and found myself just having 2 sentence words of wit and insight. I think it's time for resuming my blog. Time to vent and just be crazy! So here goes........This morning has been just a thrill a minute. First I drug this ever aging body out of bed and fixed myself 32 oz of liquid nourishment better known as COFFEE.
Then I found myself attacked by my loving 4 year old son and 1 year old chihuahua who thinks she is a pirate's parrot. A pirate's parrot? What on earth is this crazy woman talking about? Well, let me explain that one. This dog, my Little Lulabelle has decided that her absolute FAVE place in the world to "perch" is on my left shoulder curled into a ball with her head either lying on top of mine or tucked into her own bottom. I have considered changing her name to Polly.
My loving 4 year old son, previously referred to a 30lb growth on my left side has now become a 42lb growth, that regardless of how hard I try, still wishes to remain attached to left side.
This year was to be the year that we kick the momma habit and become more independent. We started 3 day per week pre-school last September with the intent on cutting the umblical cord.
This has not worked as much as I would have liked. He loves his teacher and loves school but still is attached to my left side at any other given time of the day.
This is my third year home schooling my girl. She is now heavily involved in second grade and still, not much digging the whole education thing. This is a real shame because she is very intelligent and if she just made 10% more of an effort, would really just blow me away.
Well, I've gotta wrap this up, apparently I have been called to acts of motherhood and need to fix my son a glass of strawberry milk. Happy Tuesday to anyone that may have read this!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Valentines day! a week late, lol

My New Years resolution to be more dedicated to posting on my blog has been somewhat ....well... A BUST! I look at it. I even take the time to change up the banner and colors but never seem to take the time to sit down and type an actual post. I could say that I have been busy and that would be true, BUT that is not really a good excuse because I still could find the time if I really tried. I think the main reason is that I have a boring life (which believe me, is no complaint! I'd take boring over too much drama any day!) and can't think of anything to "BLOG" about. The kids are a constant source of amusement in MY daily life but to fully explain their antics, to tell you just how funny, would just take forever. Right now, they are sleeping, and I have a cup of coffee and I am enjoying the quiet. I am sure that in less than 30 mins. the madness will begin and the day will officially START.
My girl is doing so well in 1st grade this year. I purchased her a 2nd grade workbook at Sam's club to start working on over the summer. It is not an actual workbook that we will use for school but part of this series called Brain Quest. It has a lot of stuff in it to make her think without realizing that she is actually learning. She is reading so well that we have moved to 2nd grade readers about a month ago. It still amazes me that, by the grace of God, I have taught her to read! It does give me a sense of accomplishment to realize that each of these skills that she has learned in school, she has learned from my teaching (again, by the grace of GOD!!).
I am interested to see how she does on her year end placement testing that we have do as part the requirements of the state to home school. Last year she did really well but that was kindergarten.
My little baby boy, who will soon be FOUR!!! I can not believe it!, is also doing his
"Stool Work". He still has a hard time with some sounds and that is how school work comes out.
He has his own workbook that we do so that he can learn the letters and their sounds, shapes, colors, numbers and some other things. His favorite thing to do in the workbook is the worksheets on circling what doesn't belong in a group. Even though he doesn't talk as well as my daughter did at this age, he is as smart as a whip. He takes everything in and he is getting so much better at communicating it back to us. It amazes me how he and other kids (like my daughter and niece and nephews) can remember a movie verbatim and act it out. I remember little snippets but they seem to remember it all.
Well, look at that, I actually typed a post........well gotta go, need a little more coffee before the storm comes....that's the kids in case you didn't get it.....LOL

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mini-vacations are in the plans....

Deal of the month for us! We are going to spend the night at a cool resort called The Great Wolf Lodge. It is a huge place with an indoor waterpark. We have a reservation in their family loft suite pictured above. It is has a living room with a sleeper sofa and a corner fireplace, a downstairs bedroom with 2 queen beds and a loft bedroom with a queen bed. It normally rents for $379 per night but thanks to my friend Wendy, we have booked it for just $139. That includes 6 free passes to the water park starting a 1pm the day we check in and until closing on the day we check out. Our family of 5 can't even go to our local waterpark for one day for $139 (except for the fact that we normally buy season passes). The very next weekend, I will be going away (not too far, unfortunately NOT the Bahamas this time) for a scrapbooking crop in a really nice hotel. How cool is that!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sleepless in Cyberworld.....

I should not do this. I should learn from the mistakes of others and not make a post at 3:30 in the morning with very little sleep....The things I may say, if I offend, forgive me now before reading on.....Ok, nuff said?
Its 3:30 in the stinkin morning and I am up, totally wiped out from a long night of tossing and turning. I don't know why. I am not particularly stressed or upset. I did not drink too much caffeine, maybe too much lemonade for this 40 year old bladder...yes, I did have to go tinkle about 47 times in the 4 hours I attempted to sleep. I just can't sleep......I tried, gave it my best effort. I know my DH and Lulu were sick of me popping up and down all night. Especially, little Lulu. She would just get cuddled up next to me or between my legs (little dogs like to sleep in the STRANGEST places) and I would get up or roll over.....Even now, she has followed me downstairs and is in my lap sleeping....sweet little thing! Dogs are such wonderful company. I missed having this for the last 7 years.
Back to why I am not sleeping.....I think it is because of a pill I took for some chest congestion I have been getting for the last day or so. It has this med called Quiafenesin in it and it wires me up. The weird thing is that it normally takes about 6 hours to "kick in" with the wired feeling though and I did not take it until 11:30 PM....but nothing ELSE has been the same since I turned 40, so why should this be any different.
Well, that is about all the rambling I have about this particular subject. I guess I will have to catch a Z or two sometime during the day....NOT! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"The Fashionista"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What happens at home, should stay at home......

Well, you expect it to happen when you are a parent and on Sunday it happened for me. My DD went to church and told her Sunday school teacher that her mommy calls our new puppy "The Devil". .....Well, let me explain....I love our little Lulubelle dearly but she is a definite, little Devil. All during the month of December, she used the far corner in the back, way under our Christmas tree to go hide and leave "little packages", she goes into the kids toy box to get toys to chew up and I had to go and buy lids for the little plastic bins to keep her out, she will go outside for 20 mins to play and then come in and "tinkle" on the carpet, she is constantly chewing on our fingers, toes, whatever she can find....but I would not trade her for anything. She is one of my babies now and I love her but like my kids, I teasingly call her names. I call her her a Stinker and Lulu Ka Choo and Houdini (for her uncanny ability to escape from her crate unless it is padlocked) and yes...I call her the Devil when she goes out of her way to do something totally BAD. Actually, my DH started calling her that first and not quite as lovingly as I do, but instead of telling her teacher that DADDY calls the puppy "The Devil", she said that Mommy does! I wasn't even there to defend myself!
Did that man of mine defend me?!!! Oh No! He laughed! I guess I should be glad that she didn't go and tell the teacher that her mommy calls her daddy Spankybuns....which I DON'T by the way but still.................................

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow................

It is so cold! I went to the post office yesterday afternoon around 4 pm and the water puddles on the street were still frozen over. That has not happened here in a long time. The weather reporters have used the "S" word several times and but as of yet, not even a flurry. It has been so long since we have had any significant snow here that my 3 year old, has no idea what it is like to build a snow man. The last big snow we had was 4 years ago on December 26, 2004. Isn't that sad? I remember the exact date.
We also had a bit of snow, enough to make a pitiful snowman, on Good Friday, just 2 days before Easter in 2007. I had forgotten this one but my SIL reminded me of having to dodge the melting snowman in the background of our Easter pictures that year. Can you tell that I would love to see some snow? I know it makes life difficult for those of you who leave home to work. I know that at least one of my readers, my Fashionista cousin in Indianapolis, probably has more than enough snow each year and probably thinks I am crazy to wish for it. But I do! I love to see it fall! I love the feel of the cold while playing in it with the kids. I love the feel of warmth when you come back in afterwards. I DON'T love the mess in my house with 50 lbs of wet, coats, gloves, socks, hats and stuff once everyone comes in or all the laundry to clean that up, but overall, I LOVE SNOW!
I have already discussed strategies with my SIL to get the kiddos together to play, if it does snow. Like meeting somewhere 1/2 way so that neither of us have to drive too far in the mess.
My husband loves the snow too. He depends on his work shutting down at least one day so that he can play too. So my prayer for today....Let it snow!
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have you ever been called this....(cover your eyes, this is not for the squeamish)

Yesterday's swim meet was filled with all the thrills and chills I promised in my last post. My niece and daughter both swam well and even placed in several events. All the kids joined in the madhouse that occurs when you have 40 kids and there parents and paraphernalia packed into a small gymnasium. Kids will be kids and these were no exception. They were running, jumping, and just playing in general. It was loud and this was exaggerated by the normal echoing that happens in a large open room. My nephew, a typical 3 year old boy, was playing right in the midst of the craziness with some of the "older" kids....the 6 year olds. He was getting very frustrated by the antics of two little girls and in his frustration he called one of them a name.....OH MY GRACIOUS!! Both girls came running to me, desperate to let me know of the verbal infraction. I happened to be watching him at the time because his mommy was in the pool area watching my niece compete. They were devastated by the terrible thing he said...they both demanded immediate action on my part for his deed! Oh no, what is an AUNT to do when her nephew verbally attacks another child with such terrible name calling?.....Well, are you ready? Here it comes......he called her a "Squirt Bottle"........a squirt bottle....what are his parents teaching him!.....
I choked by the shock and laughter and told my nephew in my most serious voice, "Buddy, we DO NOT call people names. That is not nice." and made him sit in time out. So please, be careful! Do not use such language in front of your kids, it may come back to haunt you. You may be just thinking you are asking your spouse to pass you a drink, you know..."Honey, please hand me that squirt bottle....." and next thing you know, you child is verbally offending a room full of innocent children by repeating it.....
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its Saturday again and the dreaded SWIM MEET day too!

Has your child ever been involved in a sport or activity that you just dreaded attending? I know I have whined over and over again about how much I hate swim meets but it bears repeating. I can think of no other sport that have to arrive at 12:45 and may not actually get to leave until after 6 pm. It is an all day event that is so unorganized that it actually give me a headache and almost sends my slightly anal, type A personality into seizures. My husband, who is definitely a type B personality, just goes with the flow and enjoys them. I am not alone in my frustration though. My SIL did not heed my warnings last year and signed my niece up for the swim team at the YMCA in her area this year. She now shares in my torture. Today, my daughter's team will swim against my niece's team at our Y. It will be a long day, but slightly more bearable in the fact that it will be spent with family.
I was bummed, however, to learn that my husband's office had there annual NOT Christmas party tonight. We normally attend this "Winter Gala" or so they call it (my husband's company is owned by Hindu's from India and therefore do not celebrate any of the holiday's that we do) and it is always a nice semi-formal event with great food and nice door prizes. We will not be able to make it this year because it starts at 5:00 and we will not be done with the swim meet until almost 6 IF it starts on time (which they never do).
Well, that is my Saturday plans. Hope yours are better!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So tired....

It was a long night. That is the bad part about kids being potty trained, on the rare occasion that one of them wets the bed, it wakes the entire house up to clean up and remake the bed and bathe the wet child. And if it was a real flooder, and if the culprit had climbed in bed with his sister, then you have TWO wet children that need to be bathed and redressed as they both cry because they are cold and wet AND sleepy. Then you have two kids who have been kind of perked up by their impromptu baths that are now ready to stay up for a while. You convince them it is time to go back to bed but can not quite convince them that it is time to go to THEIR beds! So then you have 4 people in a bed that was just yours not ten short years ago. I mean, get real guys! If I had known this TO DEATH DO WE PART deal meant giving up bed space, I may have been a runaway bride. I NEED MY SLEEPING SPACE!! There is nothing more uncomfortable when you are getting your sleep grove on than to have someone all up on your grill! Now keep your minds out of the gutter people, I just meant those needy, clingy CUDDLING sleepers. GET A TEDDY BEAR, I WANT MY SPACE!

I am sorry, this post is a little angry and I keep "yelling" at you but I'm a little cranky this morning. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This morning I find myself in a place that I rarely ever visit, just ask my family or peeps, I am without words to blog. My SIL calls me "Word Girl". Now that is not for the sheer amount of talking that I do but for the varied vocabulary that I use to do it (or so she says, lol).
I can't think of one interesting or funny life experience to blog about. I have racked my brain or what is left of it, and I have nothing! Maybe that is the problem with talking so much, maybe you use up all of your words by 40 and then you run out for the next 40 years....that would be so sad!
Could you even imagine? Nothing smart, snappy, snarky or downright offensive to say for 40 years! Life would be so much more boring and I think I might lose weight without my daily consumption of foot and crow. Never to be able to come up with anything to say during the occasional visits with my peeps! Never again to have to leave a visit wondering if I said something that offended someone....wait, that COULD be a good thing...hmmmmm, something to ponder......

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh what a dreary day.....

It is a dreary day here on the East coast. It is rainy and gray and a perfect day to SLEEP! That particular activity is not part of the daytime plan for next six months. SCHOOL is a huge part of the plan. Yesterday was our first day back after a 2 week plus break. I say two week plus because the week before the actual Christmas/New Year's break that I planned to take, we were dealing with sickness and doctor's visits so we missed a few days. Now it is particularly difficult getting my students back into the swing. My boy, the 3 year old, is more agreeable to the plan than the one who legally MUST be in school. She makes every excuse under the moon not to do what needs to be done. But I forge onward towards the goal of finishing first grade by June 1st.

After finishing our school day yesterday, we finished the De-Christmasing that did not get done over the weekend due to our unexpected trip. The kids and I finished taking everything down with the exception of our two 7 1/2 foot trees. The boxes of which are in the attic of our shed out in the marshland that is our backyard right now after all this rain. My DH will be responsible for taking these down and putting them away (since he hasn't lifted a pinky to help with any of the rest of it!). It seems strange having two trees in the house with no lights (well one is pre-lit but I have removed the extension cord so it can not be turned on) or decorations. My son is having a hard time saying goodbye to Christmas this year. I think he thought we were taking everything down just to redecorate. He keeps asking where our lights are and when are we putting the decorations back on. I have explained but he keeps saying, but it's Chrissssmas!

My daughter has moved on though. She is already talking about what she wants for Valentine's day. Apparently she thinks this too is a gift giving, no that is not right...a gift receiving holiday.
Although since she doesn't really eat candy, I guess she has gotten a small toy each Valentine's day every year in her short life. Her poor husband will be in for a treat when she grows up!

I am so bummed that today my peeps are getting together to celebrate the birthday of Lil'K and I will not be there. My DH's work is so backed up from the holidays that he could not watch the kids for the hour and a half or so to enable me to attend but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL'K! and thanks for having us over last week, we had a blast.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years - Day 5

I am not one for making New Year's resolutions but I am making on today (5 days Late). I resolve to be not as negligent in my blogging duties. For the entire months of November and December, I have seriously neglected my blog. I doubt very seriously that I have any readers left out there but just in case, I am going to be more dilegent from now on. I am late with the Happy New Year wishes because we went out of town suddenly on Jan. 1st for a funeral in my father-in-law's hometown. His 94 year old aunt passed away the day after Christmas and we went with him to the funeral. It is a sad fact that both my husband and my family members of the generation before our parents are now gone. It is hard to believe that we are both old enough now to technically be grandparents ourselves even though we have a 6 and 3 year old. I am glad that we DO NOT but the thought that we even could makes me feel so old.

I so dread the days when we will be dealing with the loss of the generation of our parents and aunts and uncles. Time has a way of creeping up on you. I know that sounds depressing but I am not looking at it that way. I am trying to learn to make the most of the time we have with our parents and also with our kids. We are not guaranteed even one more second on this Earth and I want my family and friends to know how much they all mean to me now.

Happy New Years!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 days of Christmas......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Short post....please vote!

Ok, I am starting a poll. Please vote! It is a purely selfish issue. I have an agenda that requires some reinforcement.
Check out this post on my, maybe BFF peep's blog:
I think, she should bring me a tray of these cookies to the PARTAY O' THE YEAR tonight.
CAST YOUR VOTE (if you love me, it will be a yes and if not, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did I run away and join the circus....

No but it has been a circus around here this month. On top of the normal December craziness, I have been busy buying and selling "stuff" online. It has been quite a lucrative endeavor but it has also left me stressed and tired. On top of the normal everyday chores, school, and errands, AND Christmas shopping, I have been trying to keep up with my inventory and packing and shipping purchases. But on the plus side, my kids Christmas gifts are now basically free. I have made enough to pay for everything. Our house has also been knocking around some nasty cold bugs for the last few weeks. Yesterday I took both kids to the pediatrician because they have been sick for over a week. My son had an ear infection and my daughter has pneumonia. Talk about guilt!
I feel like it is all my fault for hauling them out in the cold to the post office every day for 2 weeks.
Well, that is what I've been up to. If I don't blog again until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is here again already. Another year has passed so fast it makes my head spin.
I am thankful for so many things. My family, my home, my friends and most of all my Savior. Today, all over our great country, people will come together with their families and celebrate the fact that even though we have our problems and disagreements, God has blessed this country greatly over the years. A country founded on religious freedom and the belief that all men are created equal. Even though these beliefs are threatened, by God's grace, we still have them. Now I know that I do not normally get too deep on my blog but I am truly thankful that I live in a country where are still free.

Today, my family is gathering at the home of the newlyweds, my BIL and new SIL. They have graciously offered to host our Thanksgiving dinner. So I am getting ready to get busy cooking.
We have been up since 6:30 and I didn't even need to cook that early this year. Apparently my kids decided it was time to get up, you would have thought it was Christmas morning instead. They are really excited about seeing their cousins and the family today and Aunt Dawn is coming over this weekend with Sammy and they are excited about that too. My brother says that his mouth feels fine today which is a blessing. So Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The neighbors think I'm nuts (this time for a new reason)

Ok, this morning I was reading my peep Lorrie's blog (A really good read, you should check it out! Here's the link and it brought the following post to mind.
My neighbors think I have lost my mind, I am sure! For the last few weeks, at least once per day, you can find me in my back yard walking around a small tree, with my head down looking at the ground and pushing leaves aside with my shoe. I even occasionally shake the tree, which I am sure looks crazy! I have even seen my neighbor two doors over watching me with a perplexed look on her face. You see, I am not crazy (well I AM but not for that reason). The tree is a pecan tree and this is the very first year that it has produced nuts. It is still reasonably small for a pecan tree (only about 20 feet tall) and it is still small enough to shake. The leaves have all fallen off but for some reason the nuts are still hanging on. I am determined to use my very own pecans this year for baking but they are just not falling fast enough. I now have a pretty good sized bowl full of them and need to shell them for my sweet potato souffle that my family requests every year.
So if you come by my house and find me in the back yard shaking a tree, I have not finally gone off the deep end (hopefully), I just need more nuts for a pecan pie......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New banner....

Hi anyone left out there! I know I have been a sad excuse for a blogger lately. I have been pretty busy with sick kids and school and stuff. I did make a new Christmas banner today. Whatcha think? I made it on this cool website called Piknik. I have been diggin' them every since my friends Tara and Wendy told me about it. Today was another crazy day. My brother has had a toothache since Sunday afternoon and I finally got him into a dentist this afternoon. Hopefully he will be feeling much better soon. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, it would be a shame to still have mouth pain. Well that is all the updating for now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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